At Kreiva Academy, students experience the world through project-based learning and competency-based assessment.

Our Curriculum

The combination of these philosophies provides a personalized approach to learning and engages students in solving real-world problems and answering complex questions.

Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning (PBL) at Kreiva Academy provides a strong, student-centered foundation. This approach fosters active, deep investigation of powerful topics. Projects are 12 weeks in length and foster inquiry and trans-disciplinary connection. The project-based approach fosters engaging, personalized learning experiences that meet and build from where students are at in their learning journey. Click here to learn more about project-based learning.

Competency-Based Assessment

Kreiva Academy uses a comprehensive set of competencies that anchor all classroom experiences. Competencies are broken down into groups of learning targets that are aligned with Kreiva courses. In order to ensure that our academic program meets rigorous and developmentally appropriate standards, Kreiva competencies align with the Common Core State Standards as well as the Next Generation Science Standards. Kreiva’s academic program focuses on preparing students for the roles and responsibilities they will face as 21st Century citizens looking for a place in the evolving economy and seeking to make a difference in their communities.  Click on the links to learn more about the approach of competency-based learning and competency-based assessment in New Hampshire.

Kreiva Academy Graduation Requirements

Kreiva Academy’s benchmark competency goals meet or exceed all NH requirements for high school graduation. Kreiva’s competencies take into account elements of character development, civic awareness, and career readiness that have emerged as essential to 21st Century success. Kreiva’s competency-based grading will reflect a student’s demonstrable level of mastery of a concept or skill at a given point in time, not an averaging of a number of distinct assignments from start to finish of the learning process. Each student’s competency data is maintained, continually updated, and reported to show their growth over time toward achieving the benchmark proficiency of each competency standard, providing a clear picture of their learning path.


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