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Opportunities to get involved in changing future outcomes.

Did you know that the average cost to educate just one child in New Hampshire is $19,400? And that a charter school is only funded at $9,000 per child, or 46% of the average, when compared to a local public school?


This means that we have to rely heavily on both community and family support, as well as donations and grants to meet our annual expenses and provide the quality education that we believe every student deserves.

Will you help us?


Your sponsorship will help us close the gap between the state aid and actual costs, and make a huge impact on our students, communities and the future of our state.

Why support Kreiva?


NH Average
Cost Per Student


Kreiva Academy
Per Student Funding

Please Donate

As a state authorized charter school, Kreiva Academy is funded directly by the state and receives no local funding, which means that we operate with approximately half of the per-student funding that a district school receives. 

Every donated dollar makes a big difference in our ability to provide a rich educational experience to our students.

Please consider one of these donation options:

PayPal Giving Fund doesn’t charge Kreiva Academy or our donors any fees for their services. Some of their partners may charge fees on donations made through their platforms, which they will disclose at the point of donation.

Amazon Wish List donation.png

You can make a difference for our students and staff by purchasing something on our Amazon Wish Lists.

With SparkGood, you can choose Kreiva Academy as your Charity of Choice and Round Up at checkout on the Walmart app. Every penny donated goes to support Kreiva students.

Gold Seal 2023
Shop with RaiseRight

The RaiseRight Program (formerly known as Scrip) is an ongoing fundraising program for Kreiva Academy that costs you nothing!

You simply buy gift cards for local and national retailers through Kreiva Academy and use those gift cards when you shop in-store or online. The RaiseRight Program then gives back to Kreiva Academy a percentage of the purchased value. The percentage varies by vendor. 


For example: if you purchased $100 in groceries each week from Shaw's, RaiseRight would then give back $4 each week or $208 a year to our school. Just for doing your regular shopping using a Shaw's gift card purchased through RaiseRight!


That's it, it really is that easy. Scrip cards can also be purchased in bulk for corporate gifts, events and even for travel. If you want to see additional gift card options, let us know!

Email for Kreiva Enrollment Code.

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