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Growing knowledge, abilities, and global understanding to foster success.


A Personalized Education for Every Student

Kreiva Academy Public Charter School inspires students with a personalized education that fosters self-awareness, adaptability, and the courage to reach beyond their perceived limits.


The knowledge, abilities, and global understanding students acquire prepares them to be successful in their ever changing future.



Teaching with a Growth Mindset

Kreiva Academy Public Charter School uses an experiential, topic-based curriculum and a community culture shaped by the Growth Mindset to engage middle and high school students who are seeking a rigorous education in a non-traditional setting, which allows them to customize their paths toward mastery. Our Pillars of Success and Foundational Values create an environment rich with creativity, self-expression, and acceptance for students of all abilities and backgrounds.

Committing to Kreiva’s Pillars of Success as a community ensures a learning and working environment where people feel safe, challenged, and valued. They include: being courageous; honoring accomplishment; showing integrity; taking responsibility; focusing on growth; and embracing diversity. Kreiva’s Foundational Values guide our day-to-day activities and interactions. They include: growth; innovation; citizenship; respect; equity; and empowerment.

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