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Welcome and a Few Reminders for First Day of School

We are so excited to welcome students back this Tuesday. A few important notes: 1) Students will receive a paper copy of their schedules on Tuesday and will start their day by reporting to their period 1 class. Greeters will let students know the location of their period 1 class. Schedules also will be complete and visible on Alma as of Monday. We will help everyone to find their way to period 1 classrooms as students returning and new may need assistance locating classrooms. 2) Free breakfast and lunch are always available to any student at Kreiva. Breakfast is in the cafetorium from 8:00am-8:30am everyday and students can order lunch through an online form each morning. 3) A permission form for our beach field trip taking place on Thursday this week was emailed yesterday. We are excited to have a community day of fun together with a cook out, team building, eco-exploration, and beach time. Any students attending need to return a signed form. It is going to be an amazing day at the Seacoast! Email with questions.

4) Bus routes have been emailed and posted to our website. Have an amazing long weekend and we look forward to seeing you soon!

- Jennifer Siegfried

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