Weekly Update (10/26-10/30)

This week, as part of our regularly scheduled classes, students will be taking the NWEA Assessment. It is an internal formative assessment to personalize instruction. In simple terms, it is a test used by Kreiva for the purpose of gauging where our students are at academically so that we can better tailor teaching to their individual educational needs. NWEA Testing will occur from 9:00am to 10:30am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please make sure your students are on time as it makes things go smoothly and they will have a better testing experience.

Additionally, as part of our efforts to maintain some sense of fun, Costume Day is Tuesday and Friday as well as we will be holding the 2nd Annual “Return of the Mac - Mac and Cheese Contest.” Students will try samples from our teachers culinary efforts during lunch time. The top honor - the “Big Cheese” - will be awarded based on student votes. Last year’s winner, Mr Milom is confident he will earn this year’s title. We will have to see if the students agree. This event is not for the lactose intolerant or those with gluten allergies.

Lastly, thank you to everyone as we continue to work together in keeping our students, staff and families safe with regard to COVID. Let’s keep up our efforts with hand washing, home screening for symptoms and following guidelines in response. Take care.

This Week:

  • Tuesday - Mac N Cheese for lunch and Costume Day

  • Wednesday- All Virtual Day

  • Friday - Mac N Cheese for lunch and Costume Day


Nov 3 - Election Day (No School)

Nov 11 - Veterans Day (No School)

Nov 23 - Exhibition Night

Nov 24 - Teacher Work Day (No School for Students)

Nov 25 - 27th Thanksgiving Break (No School)

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