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Weekly Update (10/19-10/23)

Kreiva Community- 


I want to recognize the efforts of our teaching staff as they have been adjusting remarkably to the challenge of teaching simultaneously to both remote and in person students. A lot of the technical challenges have been worked out and it is impressive watching our teachers in action engaging students in the learning process. 

COVID Update:

I wanted to recognize the efforts of our staff and students with helping to maintain social distance and safety protocols. It is not easy for anyone as it is human nature to want to connect with others but everyone is working hard to keep us as safe as possible despite the challenges. To date, our staff/student exclusions due to symptoms(isolate pending test results) is 22 students and 7 staff members. We have been fortunate as we have had no "positive" tests to date. Please remember as the temperatures drop and we move indoors, we are likely going to see an increase in colds, flu etc. As the symptoms for cold/flu can often mimic the symptoms related to COVID, we must be extra diligent in screening our students for signs and symptoms prior to the start of school. Please assist us in this process by pre-screening at home when possible. 


One of the single greatest impacts on a students educational attendance. Over the last 3 weeks we have been seeing a slight dip in attendance when students(remote and hybrid) are attending online, especially towards the end of the week. Please help us to encourage your student to log in, turn their camera on, and engage in class. It is crucial to their success. In the event your student is having issues logging on, or the attendance is incorrect, please let us know.    

Goal Setting Conferences:

Just a reminder that Thursday evening and Friday are time for Goal Setting Conferences. Please see schedule below for details. Information was sent out in a prior email.

Food Drive:

Kreiva Academy is having a food drive thru the end of the month! The Crew with the most collected items wins an ice cream social! Word on the street is that Lower School Cohort 1 is in the lead as of Oct 19 with about a week to go.

Schedule This Week

Wed Oct 21- 

  • 9:30am-12pm Students who have not finished their SAS test from last week will have this time to complete them.

  • 11:00am-1:00pm Students who did not have their student ID photo taken can schedule a slot by emailing

  • 12:30- 3:30pm Students who did not take the SAS test last week will have this time to make up the test. 

Thursday Oct 22-

  • 5-8pm Goal Setting Conferences(student/parent/crew leader) *If you have not scheduled a conference, please email

Friday Oct 23- Staff Development Day *NO CLASSES FOR STUDENTS

  • 10am-2pm Additional Goal Setting Conferences(student/parent/crew leader) *If you have not scheduled a conference, please email

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