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Weekly Update 01/04/2021

Kreiva Community,

I hope everyone continues to be be in good health and able to enjoy time with their families despite the current restrictions and challenges with our Covid environment. As many have enquired about my own recovery from Covid, I am doing much better. My only only residual symptoms being exhaustion, brain fog, congestion and continued loss of smell/taste. While that may sound pretty awful, it is much better than the two weeks I was sick and in quarantine. I am thankful it wasn't worse and am glad it was not transmitted to anyone I came into contact with.

Regarding our reopening on Jan 19, we continue to monitor the various Covid data points and metrics to guide our decision making process. Currently Manchester and the immediate surrounding area are showing test positivity rates ranging from 12%-14.6%. Positivity rates above 5% are considered "high" and generally indicate additional restrictions are required to slow the spread of the disease. With an expected Covid surge in the coming weeks following the holidays breaks, it is projected that the rate of infection will only increase. Based on this information, we do not anticipate a return to "Hybrid" mode of instruction on January 19. A final determination will be made and communicated by weeks end. We will continue to regularly review available data and most recent guidance to determine a return to Hybrid and/or the eventual return to "in person" learning.

In closing, the safety of our staff, students and families continues to be our #1 priority. We are looking forward to the day we return to school but will continue to support our students to the best of our ability whether that is in person or virtually. Take care and stay healthy!


Tal Bayer, Head of School

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