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Weather Advisory Procedures

With winter fast approaching and NH weather being a bit unpredictable, I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of our weather-related closing procedures. Please take a moment to review as there are some changes as a result of the impact of Covid on our day to day operations.

Weather Cancellation Procedures Kreiva Academy Public Charter School

As we are operating in a "Hybrid" or "All Remote" format, the impact of weather on our day-to-day operations becomes less of an issue as we can simply shift to a Remote Instruction Day. In the event inclement weather does impact our daily schedule, the following options will be implemented:  

Early Dismissal- As normal procedure, see below for details 

Delayed Start- As normal procedure, see below for details

School Closings

  • A Remote Instruction Day - In place of the traditional school closing, we will simply shift into an all remote format for the day.

  • A School Cancellation - If power outages are predicted or have occurred, we will have a traditional school closing for the day. 

The decision to close will be communicated using our website, Facebook page, WMUR broadcast messages, and the WMUR weather closings website.  Unfortunately, at the moment, the WMUR website only provides one option for School Closings. Please note, in the event we do need to close school for the day, we will remain open in a “Remote Instruction Day” capacity unless otherwise noted on our website or Facebook page. 

Decisions about delayed starts or school closings will be made by 5:30 a.m. As weather conditions can change unpredictably between the time when a decision to have a delayed opening is made and when students are actually transported, school opening decision changes may occur. In the event that a delay is initially called and there is a need to shift to a cancellation, updated information will be sent out by 7:15 a.m.

Any decision for an early dismissal will be made no later than 10:00 am. In a weather related early dismissal, impacts on busing transportation will occur and coordination will need to occur with regard to estimated time of drop off at the MTA established school busing “Hubs” throughout the city. 

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