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IMPORTANT Trimester 2 COVID Update

Kreiva Community-

With cases of Covid significantly increasing across the country, New Hampshire is now seeing its own spike of increases in community transmission. There is growing concern that this will only get worse with the onset of Winter and the approaching holidays as families travel outside of the area, students return home on break from colleges and universities and visitors from outside the area come to NH for the break. In response, schools across the state have been considering and are now implementing a variety of efforts to mitigate the transmission risks for their students and staff following the holiday breaks.

After careful consideration, Kreiva will be temporarily switching to an "All Remote” mode after the Thanksgiving Break(Nov 30) through January 19(2 weeks after the Holiday Break and MLK Day). This switch will create a 6 week “buffer zone” against the high risk periods of Thanksgiving and Holiday Break. The buffer will help minimize transmission risk and allow for any potential instances of Covid connected to the breaks to be identified prior to our returning to school. Additionally, by timing the shift with the start of the new Trimester #2, it will allow us to implement changes with minimal disruption to student learning. To reiterate, "all remote" instruction will begin Nov 30 and we anticipate the return to Hybrid Mode which will include "in person" learning on Monday, January 19.

We realize the impact of this decision on our families but feel it is in the best interest of supporting the health and safety of our all of our families that make up our school community as well as the communities we belong to outside of Kreiva. Additionally, by setting a date for the shift to “Online Mode” in advance, it allows for better planning and a smoother transition and continuity in instruction for our students. As part of this shift to “All Remote” in Trimester #2, we will be making some adjustments to the remote model so that we can better meet the needs of our students with regard to limiting screen time, provide more time for project work and increase student engagement and participation. More details will follow but as always your support and patience is appreciated as we all navigate these challenging times.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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