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Reopening Update - 01/12/2021

Kreiva Community,

With the most recent data, metrics and guidance available from both the NH Department of Health and Human Services, CDC, and our internal staffing capacity, to support and provide the safest school environment possible, our reopening plans for January 19 have been delayed for another 2 weeks. We will remain in “full remote” until Monday, February 1st when we will reopen in “Hybrid Mode.” Details regarding this shift will be communicated by early next week.

Our decision process continues to be guided by what is safest for our staff, students and families. Currently, positive Covid test rates for the City of Manchester and surrounding areas continue to be of concern (above 10%), but are trending slightly downward. As long as this trend continues or remains the same, we anticipate our delayed opening on February 1st to occur and look forward to returning to some sense of normalcy. As there is some concern with post-holiday positivity rates increasing in the coming days, we will be watching this metric closely as it has the potential to impact our reopening process for February 1st. As we are trying to provide the safest educational environment possible in a constantly changing environment, your patience and understanding in these times is appreciated.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Take care,

Tal Bayer, Head of School

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