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Overall Competencies-Based Grading

Report cards are now available to be viewed on TeacherEase. You will now be able to see an “Overall Competencies-Based Grade” for each course* on Kreiva Academy report cards. The Overall Course Competency grade could previously be seen if you viewed your student’s grades during the quarter, but was not listed on the report card.

What is the Overall Competencies-Based Grade?

This is the averaged score of all of the learning targets for a course during a given term(quarter). 

Why is the Overall Competencies-Based Grade important?

These scores are analyzed to assess a student's progression towards competency. What we are looking for is to see whether or not a student has scored a 2 or higher in 75% of their courses within a given year. Students who have scored a course competencies grade of 2 or higher in 75% or more of their courses are on track and making adequate progress moving forward into their next year of school at Kreiva. If your student did not meet the 75% threshold, we will contact you in early July to create a plan for competency recovery and support to help your student get back on track. 

Our goal is to provide ongoing support of your student’s personalized journey towards competency proficiency and college and/or career readiness. We are here to help and are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

For further questions regarding your student’s competency progress, please feel free to contact me, Jenn Siegfried, at and/or our school guidance counselor, Renee Williams, at We are available throughout the summer months to provide support and answer questions.

Wishing you all the best this summer and we look forward to working with your family and student(s) again in the Fall!

*For some students, Yoga and Fitness Games courses do not list the Overall Competencies-Based Grade at this time due to an issue we are fixing in the TeacherEase system. These courses will have Overall Competencies-Based Grades listed in the next few weeks.

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