Our school and our students need your help!

Kreiva Families-

This is a gentle reminder about returning the 2020 F/R Lunch (Voluntary Identification of Low Income Students) forms. If you have already sent the forms back, thank you! For those that haven't yet, another email was sent this morning with the form attached. Please complete the forms by Tuesday. The purpose of the forms is to determine how many of our students and families would qualify for a Free or Reduced lunch program. While we do not provide a lunch program at the school, the State and Federal government use the information on the forms to calculate supplemental school funding. The funds are then used for additional educational supports, staffing and programs, as well as COVID-related expenses. For example, for last year’s (2019/2020) enrollment, we received an additional $112,000 as part of the F/R program and an additional $16,000 for COVID-related and remote learning expenses. As you can see, this is no small sum and can often be the difference that allows us to hire additional teachers, purchase remote learning programs and provide additional computers for students in need.

We are looking to have 100% completion of the forms, whether your family qualifies or not. If you know you do not qualify, just write clearly on the form "Do Not Qualify" and you can skip much of the information and sign at the bottom of the page. Your support in this effort is much appreciated.


Tal Bayer

Head of School

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