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NWEA Testing Information

Dear Kreiva Students and Families,

Next week students will take part in our Spring NWEA testing. Full remote students do not need to come into Kreiva to take part in NWEA. Hybrid students will take part when they are at Kreiva and when they are in school at home. The NWEA assessments will take place during a portion of each morning on Tuesday 4/6, Thursday 4/8, and Friday 4/9. Wednesday mornings and study halls will be used for any make-up sessions that need to take place.

The NWEA assessment is used purely by Kreiva teachers and administrators to further understand where students are at in their learning in order to personalize instruction and make data-driven decisions. The NWEA testing is not associated with the New Hampshire Department of Education and student assessment results stay within Kreiva Academy. If you are interested in learning more about the NWEA program, please visit their website:

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