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May 7th Update

As we enter the 8th week of the “Stay at Home” order and online learning, I am sure we are all ready for a return to some kind of normalcy. In my own life, I must admit I have had a few “less than my best” moments over the last 8 weeks. Maintaining my patience, sanity and a positive attitude while struggling to balance my responsibilities with kids, wife, pets, working at home, and all the various roles and responsibilities this entails, has not been easy. I think as parents and adults, our responses and reactions to the challenges of this situation are shaped by the sum of our experiences (good and bad) up to this point. Our past is what helps us deal with or in some cases, not deal with our present and future. 

Young people unfortunately have much less life experience to draw on and, as a result, they may find themselves struggling with how they are responding (positive and negative) to these extraordinary times. They may not know how to reach out or articulate what they are going through. They may be struggling in their own ways. This is where we as adults can help and support them through this. It will surely be a life defining moment and one that we can help them navigate. We will all get through this but we will get through this better... together. Take care.  Tal Bayer Head of School IMPORTANT UPDATES:  Re-enrollment for SY 2020/2021: An online link will be sent out by the end of next week. We are finishing up an online process that will both improve and speed up the registration process while minimizing direct contact.  Last day of school (June 9): Changed from June 12. We moved the last day of school from Friday, June 12 to Tuesday June 9. The reasoning behind the change is the need to reschedule three professional development(PD) days that were postponed in the months of March, April and May due to the transition and ongoing management of our online learning model. This change will not decrease the number of instructional days for our students as the days were part of our original school calendar and are just being utilized at the end of the year.I apologize in advance if this causes any inconveniences for our families. I hope everyone understands the necessity for the decision as we work towards a successful end to this year and preparations for next school year.

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