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Kreiva Re-Opening Outline for School Year 2020-2021

Dear Kreiva Community,

We are roughly 6 weeks out from the start of school year 2020-2021. We have been developing our “Return to School 2020” plans and all the adjustments and preparations that entails. While the full plan details will not be released for another few weeks, we do think it is important to share an outline of what our plan entails. This plan is based on the most current information regarding Covid infection rates, guidance from the state of NH and the staffing, facilities and support required to deliver a quality educational and positive social emotional experience in this current environment.  

Return to School 2020 Plan Outline


Design a nimble and flexible “Return to School 2020” plan that will meet the social, emotional and physical needs of all of our students in an evolving environment(pandemic).”


  • Provide a safe and supportive environment for students and staff

  • Provide a meaningful and rigorous educational experience for all students

  • Honor our Kreiva principles, values and ideals

  • Continue developing the relationships and connections that make our Kreiva Community strong. 


While we are still hashing out all the details of our safety protocols, you can expect the following practices:

School Entry Protocol:

  • Temperature Checks upon building entry

  • Masks required in building with exception of lunch time

  • Limited school day visitors

  • Socially distanced engagement

  • Limited to 50% of students in building at any time 

Student/Class Transitions:

  • 12 Students per classroom

  • Minimized transition of students to and from classes

  • Teachers will rotate to classes

  • No locker time

  • Break times(socially distanced) throughout the day in and outside

Sanitation, protocols and practice:

  • Enhanced expectations and school norms related school health and safety

  • Extensive training and practice (Students and Staff)

  • Extensive Cleaning both during day and after hours

Mode of Attendance Options:

While it is widely understood that “in person attendance” is the most conducive and effective way to educate students, in this environment it must be balanced with the ultimate priority of keeping students and staff safe and healthy. We have designed a flexible plan that balances the safety, educational and individual family concerns as best as we can while providing different attendance options for families to choose from based on their individual needs. 

  1. Hybrid- Students attend classes through a combination of on-site and remote learning. 

  2. All Remote (AR)- Students attend classes virtually in “real time”, complete the same  syllabus and collaborate with in person students during classes.

  3. Virtual Learning Academy (VLACS)- For students and families in need of a more flexible schedule, students will take their classes online through VLACS but are also required to participate in the daily Kreiva Crew Class each morning. Students will remain enrolled as Kreiva students. 

a. This option is “approved” on an individual basis with Kreiva.

b. VLACS registration is the responsibility of the family 

Choice 1: Hybrid 

Participation in the Hybrid plan entails the following: 

  • The Kreiva student body will be divided into two (2) groups. “Lower School” Group (LS Group) for students in grades 6-8 and “Upper School” Group (US Group) for students in grades 9-12. Half of the LS Group and US Group will attend class “in person” on Monday/Tuesday while the other 50% of students will attend those same classes virtually in real time on those same days. On Thursday/Friday the students will reverse. Within each of the Lower and Upper schools there are three (3) cohorts of students who will remain together throughout each day in person/virtually. The cohort structure will reduce risk and limit mixing of student groups.

  • Wednesday is “All Virtual Day” for all students. Students/teachers will use this time for individual work, collaborative project work, group or parent meetings, tutoring and planning. Students will not have the choice of which days are remote or in person, those will be assigned. The school will undergo deep cleaning/sanitation on these days.  

What a sample hybrid schedule might look like for 2 lower school students according to 50% capacity in the building, 2 days in the building, 2 days remote, and Wednesdays all remote.

The Hybrid Plan provides the following benefits: 

  • In person instructional time

  • Opportunities for socially distanced interaction with fellow students and staff

  • The safety of a reduced number of students in the building and in classrooms 

  • The flexibility to adjust our school plan in any direction as circumstances dictate.    

Choice 2: All Remote w/Kreiva Synchronous Instruction 

Students will attend 100% remotely and have no “in person” participation. This plan will follow the same process as in Choice 1 with division of students into Cohorts. “All Remote” students will have the same daily schedule of classes and start times as the rest of the student body with the only difference being they will attend classes through a “live stream” and there will be no “in person” participation. 

This All Remote plan provides the following benefits:

  • The elimination of health and safety risks associated with in person instruction  

  • A consistent virtual schedule that builds routines through mirroring a Kreiva school day

  • The ability to engage in the Kreiva process despite an all virtual setting 

Choice 3: All Remote w/ VLACS While Still Remaining Enrolled at Kreiva Academy

Students will virtually attend their Kreiva Crew class each morning to start their school day and then participate in their academic classes through VLACS. While this option provides a high level of flexibility for students and families, it requires substantial coordination between VLACS, Kreiva, the student and parents. Additionally, it requires a high demand of commitment, organization, initiative and follow on the students part. As a result, this option must be approved by the Kreiva Academic Director or Guidance Counselor. 

The weekly schedule (VLACS) for a student would look like the following:

This plan provides the following benefits:    

  • The elimination of health and safety risks associated with in person instruction  

  • A flexible schedule that allows for individual student and family needs

Start of School

We have bumped our start back from the original start date to align with Manchester Schools and Transport and use that the time for staff to review, drill and practice all COVID-related protocol and procedures before the arrival of students. We will have a staggered start schedule beginning Tuesday, September 8th.  

September 8th-11th (Tuesday) School Orientation Week. The 1st week of school will be focused on orientation, health/safety protocols and team building. One group of students will have their orientation days on Tuesday/Wednesday and the other group of students will have their orientation on Thursday/Friday. A subsequent email will be sent with more details and what days your student will participate in Orientation Days (Tues/Wed or Thur/Fri). We will begin our normal hybrid schedule the following week on Monday, September 14th.


We will be sending out a survey this coming Tuesday, August 4th where you will indicate your mode of attendance choice for your child, as well as information related to bussing (Manchester only). We are requesting that you complete the survey by Friday, August 7th. As there is a lot of planning, coordination and resources tied to each of these choices, please understand that whichever option you chose, you are committing to that choice until the end of Trimester #1 in December. Any exceptions to this expectation will be rare and will be determined on an individual basis. 

This plan is based on most current information regarding COVID-19 levels in our surrounding area combined with guidance from the State of NH.  If the situation changes, we will review our plan and adjust accordingly to support the health and safety of the Kreiva community. In closing, we are asking each student and family to make the choice that best fits their individual circumstances. Please know, we are in partnership with you, we are looking forward to the start of the year and as always will continue to provide the support and engagement as best we can to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of your child. 


Tal Bayer, Head of School

Kreiva Academy Public Charter School

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