Attendance Reminder for 2021

Welcome back from winter break! I hope everyone was able to rest, recharge and stayed safe! I know I did enjoy the downtime with my family, but I am SO ready to be back with your kiddos. I really did miss them and was beyond happy to see everyone today!

This is just a quick reminder on attendance as we enter the new year.

Students will be marked "ABSENT" when they do not attend 3 or more of their scheduled daily classes on synchronous days (Mondays and Thursdays). Students will be marked "ABSENT" when they miss Crew on asynchronous days (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays).

I will also continue to send out bi-weekly emails on Fridays with any tardies, absences and early departures for each student as this seems to be working out well for everyone. If you do not recieve an email, know that your student has not had any attendance events.

You can always refer to Teacherease for attendance details at anytime and if you have any questions, please email me directly. I am happy to chat with you whenever.

Please remember to email with the following information: Student Name, Reason for Absence and Length of Absence if your student will be out. I check this email multiple times a day.

Thank you!

Kylene Normandin, Dean of Students

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