Liam Quinn

Liam Quinn


The arts have been the compass I’ve followed since I was four years old and I believe the bearings have stayed true. The knowledge I have gained from being involved with music performance and education is invaluable in life and my goal in studying education is to transfer this passion to the next generation of thinkers and players.

My story of academia started as a high schooler, teaching students at multiple other high schools and Boys and Girls Clubs within the marching arts. The strict and formulaic pedagogy of marching culture gave me the foundation for what was to come.

Bennington College, my alma mater, served as the explorative time/place in which I would break my own boundaries, test the theologies and politics of my childhood, and gain a newfound passion for music and teaching. While attending Bennington, each student is given the opportunity to learn within the field they so choose immediately after stepping foot on campus. Students also work for three months each academic year in the real world, applying the knowledge they learned in the months prior. These internships gave me experiences in high school choirs, fifty year free-jazz collectives, performing in New York City, and teaching at one of the most prestigious public elementary schools in Brooklyn, Public School 119 Amersfort. I also worked with cancer patients, alzheimer’s/dementia patients, and special needs students through different forms of music therapy, whether it be sonic therapy and/or physical/movement therapy.

My journey after college graduation in 2018 continued to southern California, before which I traveled by car from NH to CA camping in national forests. While in California, I performed with three long term groups as the main percussionist. I found the West Coast was not the habitat for me.

I moved back to New Hampshire in March of 2020 as the world we know seemed to become out of focus, yet I was excited to learn the ways of Kreiva and how it relates to the ever changing world we live in. I’m excited to enter this new role at Kreiva. The culture of openness, care, and fluidity is something I strive to apply to my everyday life.